Wednesday, July 31, 2019

Dallas Flooring Warehouse Announces A Diverse Carpet Stock, Along With Installation Services In Dallas, Texas

Dallas, TX based Dallas Flooring Warehouse is pleased to inform their customers that they are entitled to complimentary carpet installation services for new purchases. Considered one of the best discount flooring centers in the area, the company boasts a broad selection of flooring solutions that is sure to match any customer’s requirements.

The company asserts that, since their customers often struggled to find a reliable contractor to install their flooring solutions, they decided to take the responsibility upon themselves and directly provide their own installation services. According to Dallas Flooring Warehouse, this should help their customers deal with the indecisiveness that they often face trying to choose from a list of local contractors. This is especially beneficial given that many have not performed a renovation project in a while and are not familiar with the reliability of available contractors.

John Stacy, a representative of Dallas Flooring Warehouse, states, "We give our customers the convenient option of choosing us to install their flooring. Our team is comprised of licensed and certified contractors who are all capable of handling the most daunting installations. Furthermore, given that we now handle the material purchased by our customers, we are able to guarantee that it will be delivered and fitted in the quality it was originally acquired in. Our customers need not fear the risk of damage in transit or similar concerns.”

The company asserts that this is the best way to ensure the integrity and durability of the carpeting material their clients have purchased from them, as their team has a wealth of experience dealing with the materials they sell. In effect, this makes Dallas Flooring Warehouse the best carpet installer that their customers can find. Notably, the company is also able to replace any damaged items in the event of an accident.

In addition to their flooring installation services, Dallas Flooring Warehouse is renowned for their customer service and diverse selection of flooring options. They take pride in offering a multi-million dollar onsite inventory that is beyond any competitor’s in the Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex. This inventory is managed by a staff of experienced professionals who are always at the disposition of their customers to assist them in finding the option that suits them best.

Stacy asserts, "When our customers find themselves a little on the indecisive side, our personnel can give them a push in the right direction. We'll help them look over our stock and explain the different benefits of our flooring options. What works for one may not work for the next customer, so we provide a personal treatment with every visitor and familiarize ourselves with their needs to help them find the best flooring option for them."

Notably, the company’s products are listed at unmatched prices, given that Dallas Flooring Warehouse offers wholesale prices for all of their available stock. This, alongside their delivery and installation services, makes them one of the best options for flooring in Dallas. The company’s reliability and outstanding customer service record is also reflected in the reviews they receive online—they currently hold a 4.4/5 Star rating on the Google review platform.

One of their most recent customer reviews describes the experience of Michael T., a Dallas resident who was looking for an affordable flooring solution. He states, "When I came to Dallas Flooring Warehouse, I did not have any idea of what material I wanted to get. I only knew I had to change the old one and would prefer something more durable than what I had before. They walked me through the different options they had available, and I ended up settling for a beautiful carpet with installation services. They showed up the next day and proceeded to remove the old flooring and install the new one. It all went smoothly, and the new carpet looks beautiful! I recommend this company."

Interested parties may visit the company's website for more information regarding the myriad services and flooring options offered by Dallas Flooring Warehouse. In addition, they may also contact John Stacy, who will follow up on any inquiries.


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