Monday, August 5, 2019

Dallas Company Announces Flooring Installation Services In Granbury Texas

Dallas Flooring Warehouse has announced that they offer flooring installation for customers in and around the Granbury, Texas area. A representative for the company says that among the various flooring companies in the area, they are the only ones that offer discounted prices, a wide range of flooring options and professional installation which is important for a number of reasons.

“We truly offer the whole package,” says John Stacy with the Dallas based flooring company. “We believe that our installation provides a number of benefits for customers, not the least of which is ensuring that their flooring is installed properly.”

Stacy says that many flooring manufacturers offer warranties that protect homeowners in the event that the flooring they choose is damaged for some reason. Warranties protect against flooring that is damaged upon purchase and when it is installed by professional flooring installers. He adds that when the homeowner tries to install the flooring on their own, they can often void the warranty.

“Flooring installation is not as easy as many believe it to be,” says Stacy. “It takes some skill, special tools and a bit of experience and not all homeowners have the experience that is needed. Someone who has never laid flooring before will have no idea how to make sure that it is installed properly and improperly installed flooring can cause a number of issues.”

Stacy says that attempting to install flooring without the required experience could result in the flooring buckling or otherwise not laying down properly. He adds that professional flooring contractors will have the experience needed to ensure that flooring is laid properly. Stacy says that the company has professional installers who are experienced in all types of flooring so that they can ensure that each job is done properly.

The company has a website that features an image gallery for those who would like more information about the wide range of flooring options that they offer. Stacy states that in addition to traditional hardwood flooring, they also have engineered hardwood which looks just as good but comes in at a much lower price range. In addition, the company has a wide selection of porcelain and ceramic tile, carpeting, laminate flooring and more.

“We want to have something for everyone,” says Stacy. “That’s why we keep our warehouse stocked full of many types of flooring in a wide range of colors, styles and designs. And, we have someone who can install that flooring for the customer so that it looks as beautiful as it is supposed to look.”

Stacy says that among all of the flooring companies in Granbury TX, theirs offers more selections, better pricing and professional installation options that are more beneficial for customers. The company’s website has more information about their variety of products as well as their more than three decades of experience. Stacy states that they have assisted homeowners in choosing the best flooring for their homes for more than 30 years and he adds that they look forward to the next 30 years.

Those who are interested can visit the flooring company online to get an idea of the types of flooring that they offer as well as to find a map and driving directions to their storefront locations. An online contact form can also be found on the website and can be used to contact the company to ask specific questions or to schedule a flooring installation.

Stacy states that they offer flooring installation for customers in Granbury as well as in Grapevine and throughout the entire Dallas and Fort Worth Metroplex region. Those interested in new flooring can visit the company’s website to get details on the types of flooring that they offer or contact them directly at any time during their normal operating hours for assistance. Stacy adds that customers are welcome to just drop by their warehouse at any time to find and purchase their needed flooring and to schedule professional installation.


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