Sunday, September 15, 2019

Dallas Flooring Warehouse Offers Wood Flooring Contractors Services In Dallas

Dallas Flooring Warehouse, a business based in Dallas, Texas, has announced that they are offering wood flooring contractor services in Dallas and surrounding areas. They also provide carpet installation for homeowners who prefer carpeted floors. For wood flooring they have available various kinds of hardwood flooring and engineered wood flooring. They also want people to know that they are offering the wood flooring materials at wholesale discount prices for homeowners and property owners in the entire Dallas Fort Worth Metroplex and they have been more than 30 years in the business of providing floor materials.

John Stacy, a representative for Dallas Flooring Warehouse, says, “The carpeting and hardwood flooring that we offer can be installed by our team of professionals serving Dallas with first quality floor materials including wood, tile, laminate, vinyl, waterproof floors including WPC and SPC, engineered woods, cork floors, stone, granite and more.”

flooring contractors in Dallas

There are various kinds of hardwood flooring and engineered wood flooring materials available at Dallas Flooring Warehouse. These include Elm hardwood flooring, Birch hardwood flooring 5” wide, Hand scraped hickory hardwood 5” wide, Multi-width engineered hickory hardwood flooring, Hand scraped solid nail-down custom hardwood floors, Custom solid hardwood nail-down finish in place hardwood floors, Hill Country engineered hardwood, Decor Flooring engineered hardwood, LM Flooring engineered hardwood, Mohawk waterproof wood, and Crescent Engineered hardwood.

Dallas Flooring Warehouse can custom install Nail-down Red Oak or White Oak solid hardwood flooring that is 3/4” thick. These hardwood flooring are custom installed and then finished in place using a smooth or custom hand scrape. The service includes complete installation with plastic, felt, custom stain, finishing, polyurethane and 5/8” plywood subfloor. These are nail down solid hardwood floors that are custom installed and stained in place in order to add beauty and value to the home.

An engineered hardwood option is the Hill Country engineered hardwood flooring. It has a thickness of 1/2 inch and a scratch resistant wear layer with aluminum oxide urethane. It has a 25 year or 50 year warranty for residential floors, depending on the type of wood, and a 5 year warranty for commercial floors.

The Dallas Flooring Warehouse team of flooring professionals are also carpet installers, which means homeowners need not look around for more contractors if they want to have a carpeted floor.

The company offers a wide range of private label top quality carpets. These include the Majestic Touch frieze carpet, Boundless trackless textured Saxony carpeting, Contempo level loop berber, Celebrity trackless textured Saxony carpeting, Paradise Dream frieze carpeting, Royal Beauty frieze carpeting, Grand Royale luxury heavyweight frieze carpeting, Elite Luxury speckled heavyweight frieze carpet, Posh Block berber carpet, Cozy Elegance jewel tone frieze carpet, Uptown heavyweight trackless plush carpeting, and Cuddlesweet super soft carpeting.

Dallas Flooring Warehouse has millions of dollars worth of inventory for carpeting from major brands that are available at discount prices. In addition to the discounts, they can also install the purchased carpeting the next day either in the home or business establishment in the Dallas Fort Worth metro area. The carpets that they are offering usually come with free installation and free carpet removal.

For instance, the Cuddlesweet is a baby-soft carpet that is just right for babies, toddlers, and pets. Even with its sale price, it comes with free installation and carpet removal, and it is installed with a pad. Its key characteristics include the fact that it is made from super soft polyester; lifetime fade resistant limited warranty; lifetime stain resistant limited warranty; 25-year soil resistance limited warranty; lifetime pet urine resistance; and 25-year abrasive wear resistance limited warranty.

Meanwhile, the Uptown heavyweight trackless plush carpet also comes with free installation, free pad, and free carpet removal. Its major characteristics include the fact that it is heavyweight trackless carpeting; limited lifetime stain resistance; limited 10 year texture retention; limited 10 year abrasive wear; limited 10 years quality assurance; static control technology; lifetime stain warranty; and 2 available colors.

Those who are interested in knowing more about the flooring contractors in Dallas may want to check out the website of Dallas Flooring Warehouse, or contact them through the telephone or via email.


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