Monday, March 9, 2020

Dallas Flooring Warehouse Announces They are Now Featuring Interceramic Crescent Marble Druabody Tile

Dallas Flooring Warehouse is pleased to announce that at the current time they are featuring Interceramic’s Crescent Marble Druabody Tile. The company claims this is one of the most versatile flooring tiles in the home improvement marketplace. This highly rated floor covering is also available right now at the company’s 5 Dallas area locations for only $1.19 per square foot.

Company spokesperson, John Stacy, had this to say about this featured product, “At Dallas Flooring Warehouse, we constantly strive to bring our customers the best flooring products that are available in the home and business improvement marketplace. We feel that our Crescent Marble Druabody Tile offerings are right in line with that. The rate that this product jumps off of our shelves is a testament to that fact too. We urge any contractor in the Dallas/Ft. Worth area that has a client who wants a durable floor tile at an excellent price to show their client some samples of this dynamic ceramic floor covering.”

Crescent Marble Tile by interceramic

Stacy added that there is more than just the price that is appealing about this product. He says that it’s a very attractive floor tile too. It’s a tile that closely mimics the looks of more expensive porcelain floor tile at a mere fraction of its cost. It comes in 4 highly decorative colors. That includes tile colors such as Cape Grace which closely resembles natural white marble, Spectator that is also marble looking with darker highlights, tannish hued Villa Cora, and black Fogo Island. Stacy says that each shade of Crescent Marble Druabody Tile that they offer is available in two different sizes; this consists of 16” x 16” inch square flooring tiles and rectangular 12” x 24” size flooring tiles. The spokesperson says that the looks of this tile combined with the tile sizes that they offer make it very suitable to use in many different areas in a home or business. He added that these tiles will definitely have a dramatic impact on the looks of any room that they are laid down in.

The company spokesperson mentioned that Interceramic Crescent Marble Druabody Tile is also one of the most durable ceramic tile types that’s found in the marketplace. That fact is backed up by a more than respectable PEI rating of IV. He says that means this tile is suitable for all residential uses, medium use commercial applications, and light institutional applications. This makes it usable as a flooring option for restaurants, schools, hotels, and hospital lobbies and corridors. Stacy says these tiles can handle just about anything that’s thrown at them. That includes pet paw traffic, mud, water and the rigors of children playing on it. He says this stain and chemical resistant tile can even be used in some outdoor areas due to its ability to withstand cold and frost.

He says that they are very proud to be currently offering Crescent Marble Druabody Tile at the low price of only $1.19 per square foot. He says most people who look at this tile are astounded when they find out the current price that Dallas Flooring Warehouse is selling it for. Stacy added that a customer can borrow samples of the product to take home and see how it looks in the areas that they want to install it and Interceramic has also given them full-color brochures of the product to hand out. He also said they have in-house floor installation crews that do an excellent job of installing this unique floor covering for any of their customers who need this done for them.

Dallas Flooring Warehouse has been serving the area’s flooring needs for over 30-years now. Stacy says their extensive list of wholesale floor coverings includes carpet, solid hardwood flooring, engineered hardwood floors, laminate floors, LVP luxury vinyl plank, WPC waterproof composite floors, cork floors, and a wide variety of tile. He added that they have happily served over 100,000 customers in Dallas/Ft. Worth and the surrounding areas so far.


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